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Favourite Christmas tutorials

9 Christmas tutorials

These are some of my favourite Christmas tutorials.

There is a bit of everything: patchwork, embroidery, appliqué, fabric folding.

  1. Embroidered quilt tutorial: Part I and Part II
    This is a beginner embroidery and patchwork quilt.
  2. Christmas embroidery mounted on canvas
    One of my favourite Christmas pieces of all times.
  3. Patchwork Christmas tutorial
    Easy Christmas ornament you can make with some fabric scraps and felt.
  4. Little Forest wall hanging
    ery modern wall hanging that is quick and easy to make.
  5. Patchwork Christmas tree
    ariation of number 3. You can adapt the pattern to make bigger or smaller trees and make a little forest in different colours.
  6. Sweet Christmas tray cover
    he embroidery belongs to a book by Aimee I contributed to. Details on the blog post.
  7. No sew Christmas ornament
    ibbon, headpins and a polystyrene ball is all that is required to make this Christmas ornament.
  8. Père-Noël zigzag quilt tutorial
    asy quilt using just strips of fabric to make a zig zag pattern. Use charm squares or jelly rolls to make this quilt top. The quilt is finished with embroidery.
  9. Christmas bunting
    his is one of my favourite Christmas ornaments. The appliqués are attached using raw edge free motion machine embroidery. Give it a go!

Christmas gift ideas: 5 free sewing tutorials

French poetry napkins

This is a quick project that particularly French teachers will enjoy. To complete the project you will need 5 store bought napkins and some stranded cotton for the lettering and drawings.

Embroidered eye mask

A few fabric scraps are enough to make this quick project. Use fabric with a large print for best results.

Felt bookmark

This project is very easy and perfect for a teacher or anyone who enjoys reading. I used felt die cuts and stranded cotton in matching colours.

Folded star pot holder

This potholder is not difficult to make but it is time consuming so if you intend to make one set an afternoon aside to concentrate on it.

Quilted hot water bottle

Fabric scraps and some batting is all you need to make this quick project.

Seven christmas quilting projects

Little Forest wall hanging

Mini Christmas quilt

Peace wall hanging tutorial

Christmas quilted Noel wall hanging

Merry Christmas embroidery tutorial

Elf quilted wall hanging

Embroidered quilt tutorial: Part I and Part II

Folded ribbon Christmas wreath tutorial

This is a quick project I made using cheap Christmas ribbon and some shear fabric that I had laying around the house. This post gives you an idea about what to do to produce a very quick and cheap Christmas wreath. I didn’t plan the project so the sizes and amounts are approximate. This project is quite easy and can be done by children. I actually made this wreath with my daughter.

You will need

  • a polystyrene ring. Mine was about 8 inches wide
  • 3 rolls of wide ribbon. The rolls usually come in 2 yard rolls
  • lots of headpins
  • shear fabric in matching fabric


Using a share plain fabric in a matching colour cover the ring loosely as per picture and pin to the back of the wreath.

Measure the width of your ribbon.  Then cut the ribbon into squares. My squares were 2 inches wide.

Now take a square of ribbon and fold it as per picture, a bit like a prairie point with the edges to the middle.

Start pinning around the ring as per picture, placing a pin on each side.

As you pin your folded ribbon, make sure you hide the pins from the previous piece.

Once you finish pinning around the ring you can start covering the edge in the same way. You can use the same ribbon or a different one.

Once your ring is covered, add a big bow to hang.

Cute Christmas bunting tutorial – lettering – Part 2

Christmas bunting tutorial - free motion embroidery applique

Christmas bunting tutorial - Raw edge free motion embroidery

In this part we’ll be finishing the bunting.

Firstly we will be making flags with the message MERRY XMAS.

Download the lettering and bunting templates (pdf), print it and proceed to fuse it to the flags as you did in Part 1. You will need to transfer R and M twice as there’s only one copy of each letter in the download.

Cut 9 flags and fuse the letters to the flags.

Cut 9 triangles of one sided fusible interfacing and iron to the back of each flag.

Then draw the inside lines of each letter to make it 3D as per pattern.

Stitch around each line and around the edge of each letter as per picture below).

Christmas bunting tutorial - Raw edge free motion embroidery

Now you will need to add some backing to each flag. Cut 13 triangles in a matching fabric or calico.

Place front and back flags right sides together and stitch around 2 sides leaving the top open to turn inside out. Trim the pointy end of the triangle before turning inside out.

Turn inside out and push the corner out with a pointy blunt instrument. Iron flat.

Top stitch each triangle around 3 sides leaving a one quarter seam allowance.

Trim the open end of each triangle.

Christmas bunting tutorial - Raw edge free motion embroidery

The triangles are ready to be placed on a string.

Christmas bunting tutorial - Raw edge free motion embroidery

Making the string

The strip of fabric we need to place the triangles in is 140 inches long.

The width of the strip is 1 ½ in wide.

Fold the strip of fabric in half and iron, then fold each side inside again and iron.

Fold the strip in half and pin it in the middle. Use this mark to place the first flag.

After pinning the first flag, continue to place a flag on each side leaving 3 ½ inches separation between flags.

After all flags have been pinned, top stitch along the strip.

Fold both ends of the string to make a hook as per picture.


All done.

Christmas bunting tutorial - Raw edge free motion embroidery

Christmas bunting tutorial - Raw edge free motion embroidery