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Folded ribbon Christmas wreath tutorial

This is a quick project I made using cheap Christmas ribbon and some shear fabric that I had laying around the house. This post gives you an idea about what to do to produce a very quick and cheap Christmas wreath. I didn’t plan the project so the sizes and amounts are approximate. This project is quite easy and can be done by children. I actually made this wreath with my daughter.

You will need

  • a polystyrene ring. Mine was about 8 inches wide
  • 3 rolls of wide ribbon. The rolls usually come in 2 yard rolls
  • lots of headpins
  • shear fabric in matching fabric


Using a share plain fabric in a matching colour cover the ring loosely as per picture and pin to the back of the wreath.

Measure the width of your ribbon.  Then cut the ribbon into squares. My squares were 2 inches wide.

Now take a square of ribbon and fold it as per picture, a bit like a prairie point with the edges to the middle.

Start pinning around the ring as per picture, placing a pin on each side.

As you pin your folded ribbon, make sure you hide the pins from the previous piece.

Once you finish pinning around the ring you can start covering the edge in the same way. You can use the same ribbon or a different one.

Once your ring is covered, add a big bow to hang.


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