Bags, carrycases, wallets tutorials

Quilt-as-you-go improv patchwork school bag

Small zippered bag

Mini wallet/bag

Urban garden iPad carry case

Spirit tote bag

Tote bag tutorial

Kid’s draughtsman’s pouch tutorial

Charm squares and embroidery tote bag

Patchwork beach bag

Expandable tote bag

Charm pack tote bag with inside pocket tutorial

Mini fabric wallet

iPad slip cover with wrap around pocket tutorial

iPad slipcase with pocket


  1. Wonderful tutes. I received the freebies for crafters this am. On it was ur gathered purse. I could not locate the pattern for this. It was soooo gorgeous


  2. Would you please do the tutorial on the iPad holder again. I can’t find it here but was told this is where I could find it. Thanks.


  3. I’ve never made any type of bag or wallet, but I’m excited to see you have tutorials on here for them as well as quilt blocks! Go Teresa, your the BEST! Many Thanks

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  4. I used to sew a lot of different things more than I do now. I’m happy you find a useful tutorial that helped you


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