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Textured quilt sampler project

Quilt closeup

Make the quilt


Below you will find a photo and a link to a set of instructions on how to make each block. Most blocks are a lot easier to do than it would appear at a glance.

Some require hand sewing. While you don’t need great sewing skills to do any of the blocks you should be confident using a needle.

Block 1: Pin tucks

Block 2: Diamond pin tucks

Block 3: Double controlled pleats

Block 4: Doubled controlled pleats with ripple effect

Block 5: Centered tucks with bow ties

Block 6: Gathered strip

Block 7: Cross pin tucks

Block 8: Undulating tucks

Block 9: Cross shirring

Block 10: Prairie points pinwheel

Block 11: Star gathering

Block 12: Puff gathering

Block 13: Lattice smocking

Block 14: Cluster tucks

Block 15: Diamond smocking

Block 16: Smocked tucks

Block 17: Pleated peek a boo

Block 18: Gathered double edged ruffles

Block 19: Smocked diamonds and puff gathering

Block 20: Origami flower

Block 21: Lozenge smocking

Block 22: Origami pinwheel

How to make an origami pinwheel quilt block

Block 23: Lotus flower smocking

Block 24: Fabric origami

Block 25: Echidna block

See also my 4-patch textured quilt for 16 more textures.


  1. This is outstanding. I hope to make these blocks at a later date. Thank you so much and Happy Holidays


  2. Oh I’m so thrilled to see this done! Probably not as much as you are. 🙂 This is simply beautiful, stunning, gorgeous and worth a million. No sticky fingers near this one, for sure!
    Your talent is an A++
    Cheers from Oshawa Ontario, Canada


  3. Thank you for taking us along on your journey as you created this. I have been admiring each post and learning experience. I want to definately do this in the near future and thanks for all the wonderful tips and techniques and great tutorials to teach us!!


  4. Gracias por llevarnos de paseo por su increíble trabajo.
    Sus bloques están en mi futuro sin dudas,Gracias.Cariños.


  5. I’m a fairly new quilter, and this is on my 2013 List I just now decided to begin! Yes, I pinned and bookmarked this page! thank you for your generosity in making these tutorials! I hope to one dat return the favors by all you great mentors and artisans!


  6. Thank you for this free project. What a wonderful quilt this is. Very elegant and charming. Can’t wait to make it.


  7. Thank you so much for this project! I am about halfway done with my blocks…the handwork on the smocking blocks really slowed me up. But they are SO beautiful they are worth it. I’ll probably split my blocks into two lap quilts that will be donated to visually impaired elderly folks. I am also using bright solids with high contrast to help them see the blocks. Will send pics when they are completed! By the way, I have already used a couple of the pintuck blocks for accents in other projects. Thanks again for showing us how to blend other sewing skills into our quilting skills!


  8. Hi Thersa
    i did follow your every mail and looked at the blocks you did make – I do not make blankets only small things in patchwork – But I admirer your efford on doing this BIG work on this quilt
    You can very well be a proud girl for making this wonderfull quilt
    Keep up the god work

    Hugs from Lone


  9. Great tutorials! Since one of my monthly block exchanges is coming to an end, I will be starting this project in January. I am so excited to learn all of these textures. Thank you for such detailed instructions. I love you you showed the arranged finished quilt as well. Awesome! I’ll post pics on Flckr as “Shahann”. Can;t wait.


  10. Looks like alot of fun and new things to learn. I heard about it from Kathy above, I read her blog…now I am reading yours…Thanks for the neat patterns…


  11. This is such a beautiful quilt and one that’s so different than any other I’ve seen. Just a beautiful job. I hope to do some of these blocks but it won’t be for awhile. In time, I’d love to finish them all.


  12. Hi there! I really want to try and make the origami flower sqare that you have the tutorial for. But, if you wash a quilt with that kind of 3 dimentional flower on it, will he flower come apart, of lose it shape, or anything like that? Thanks


  13. I’m about to start with this wonderful project (took time choosing fabrics) and I want to thank you for sharing. Thank you for all your effort and love from Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain


  14. De nada Isabel, encantada de que te gustara tanto el proyecto y que lo vayas a poner en practica. Ya enseñarás fotos cuando termines.


  15. Thank you for the textured block tutorials! I used a lot of them to make my uncle (who is blind) a quilt to comfort him during chemo and radiation treatments.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. That’s great. I never knew this quilt could be so useful but since I posted it quite a few people have suggested various uses for blind or autistic people, which is great. 😊


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