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Christmas tree softie tutorial (old version)

There are a number of tree softies tutorials around which I used to come up with my tree softies in 3 sizes. Some of them are listed here

On the other hand, if you’re interested in an improved version of the softie that sits a lot better, see my Patchwork Christmas tree softie tutorial (photo below). If you’re not interested in the patchwork that’s fine, you can still use the method to produce a tree softie just as easily.

Materials for the old version of my tree softie

Fabric scraps in matching colours


Make two triangles with the following measurements:

Large triangle

  • Base 6 inches
  • Height 9 inches

Cut a rectangle 9 in x 12 in *

Small triangle

  • Base 5 7/8 inches
  • Height 7 1/2 inches

Cut a rectangle 7 1/2 in x 12 in *

Optional: Larger triangle (see bottom set of trees at the bottom of this tutorial)

  • Base 7 inches
  • Height 10 inches

Cut one rectangle 14 in x 10 in *

I’m using 2 fabrics for each tree to make the rectangles above. When using 2 fabrics, add 1/4 seam allowance to each side of the fabric.

Stitch fabrics leaving 1/4 seam allowance.

Either cut the rectangles in half or fold in half with right sides together.

Place rectangles on top as a guide and cut using a rotary cutter and a square ruler.

Turn inside out and add any embellishments such as ric rac or leave as is.

Fill with polyfill.

Use the cone to draw a circle on carboard and cut.  Use the cardboard to cut a felt round.

Place a stone inside to weight the tree, then the cardboard and finally the felt.

Stitch the base to the sides with matching cotton thread.

The fabrics match the my Little Forest wall hanging.


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