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2-minute video tutorial: French braid quilt block

I’m posting another tutorial to use those fabric strips you have lying around.

Learn in 2 minutes how to make a French braid quilt block:

A French braid can be made any size. Also it can be made in long strips rather than squares.

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2-minute video: French braid quilt block


  1. I like the idea ,I actually made this block following your too fast 2 min video.I still didn’t see any mention of the finished block dimensions.And why did you make this a two minute video? I feel like my head is still spinning.

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  2. Thank you.I have hearing disability. Your tutorials fit my needs. Less words, and cut out extraneous word and hand motions with good photography. I like the speed. First go round, get the concept. Second replay and can always stop and rewind. No ego.
    Other sites are so wordy, face and manicure shots, that get in the way of necessary info..
    THANK YOU. Also, allow the viewer options to create rather than copycat.


  3. Love all your tutorials. You make them all look so simple. I love when you show the different variations in the end with what you can do with the same block, just in a different pattern. I have watched hundreds of quilt tutorials, and yours by far, are THE BEST. No blah blah blah, or look at my damn manicure. (real tired of that) ! You are a great teacher and inspiration to us all. Thank you for so many wonderful videos, and I will continue watching and learning from you as long as you create them!


  4. I so enjoy all your tutorials and yes I’ve done many of your techniques. Love that there is less talk but demonstrating and look forward to any YouTube demonstrations you upload! Thank you

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