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Block 10: windmill cathedral window – Textured 4-patch quilt

Close up

Block type: 4-patch

Block size: 10 1/2 inches

Colour scheme: reds, greens and neutrals

Texture/fabric manipulation: fabric folding


  • two red 6 in squares
  • two 6 in pale green squares
  • five 5 1/2 in cream squares

Making the windmill cathedral window

Watch this 2 minute video to learn how to make this fabric manipulation:

Printed instructions

Cut five 5 1/2 in cream squares.

Take a cream square and place it on a mat.

Take another cream square, fold it in half and press it on the diagonal. Then place it on the cream square as per picture. Pin on the corner.

Do the same with the next one.

And the third one.

To place the last one you’ll need to lift the first one as per picture.

Here you have it.

Stitch at 1/8 in from the border all around to hold the pieces well in place before the next step.

Now pick up each edge and fold it back as per picture. Take it as far back as you like. I took it back by a little more than 3/8 in or so.

Here you have a close up of the “window”.

Now you will need to do a bit of hand stitching though machine stitching would work as well. Start stitching just under the previous fold to hide the knot.

And stitch just up to the end of the next fold. Stitch only through the first layer of fabric.

Here is some detail of the stitching.

Stitch the four folds.

Once all folds are stitched, press the folds well and iron the piece well avoiding making any creases along the folds.

Now, take the green and red squares and place them right sides facing together. Trace a diagonal and pin in place.

Stitch 1/4 in from the diagonal on each side.

Cut through the diagonal and trim corners off.

Press squares open and place the pieces as per picture. You will have 1 square left. Keep it for the next block.

Stitch together and you’re done.

Still not clear? Watch this 2 minute video so you can see the fabric manipulation being made.

Detail of the texture

Textured 4-patch quilt tutorial

This quilt has 16 x 10 1/2 in blocks.

Each block is a 4-patch block in greens and reds. The fabric manipulation is made in a cream fabric.

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See also my first Textured quilt sampler tutorial.

Share your pictures

Are you making this quilt? Share your pictures on Flickr’s TeresaDownUnder group.


  1. this is the first windmill cathedral window instruction that I have been able to follow and understand. YAY! I am so grateful! The video made all the difference.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello, I’m fairly new to quilting, but I’m an experienced machine sewer. I tried making the windmill cathedral window square, and machined it with a fine zig zag once I’d ironed it. Then I thought “why not machine the individual triangles before assembling them”. so i did, and it was waaay faster/easier to make! I’ve made several now, with different amounts of the fold turned over, to see which I like the best. Thanks for showing me how to do it!

    Liked by 1 person

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