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Video tutorial: Storm at sea – Foundation piecing for beginners

Video tutorial: Storm at sea 2 ways

This block looks hard yet it is super easy to make with foundation piecing. It’s also a beginner foundation piecing bock.

If you’ve watched the video you will have seen how many quilt layouts you can make with this block. And that’s just a tiny fraction of what it’s possible.

How to make a Storm at sea block two ways

Watch a short video demonstrating how to make the simple and double storm at sea blocks:

Storm at sea block size

  • Simple: 9 1/2 inches.
  • Double: 12 1/2 inches.

Download the templates

Storm at sea quilt pattern

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  1. How can I get the foundation paper for this? I have no way to print the download. Thank you. Patricia


  2. That is a much clearer way for me to understand the piecing technique. Thanks for that!!! I have watched several different tutorials and this seems so much better — and the quilt itself is magnificent I am sure. I have definitely been challenged doing this kind of work. My brain just does not work right or something….lol

    Question…..I’ve heard both ways of where you end the stitching for each piece. Have you ever started and stopped exactly at the black line, rather than going past it? And what was your opinion of that? Will it risk the blocks coming apart?

    Thanks, as always Dottie


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  3. Hi Dottie, I go past the black line all the way to the end as I would do if I wasn’t using paper.


  4. Great tutorial ! Once you understand how paper piecing works, As there are several steps in the process , it goes rather quickly.
    Carol Doak has many patterns available as well as special
    Paper to use in this process !!

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  5. A great video. Thank you. I’m new to PP but I now feel I can use smaller pieces of fabric and have less wastage. Thank you.

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  6. Teresa, I’ve wanted to make a Storm at Sea quilt for awhile. I just bought your two patterns and saved them to my iBooks. When I print from iBooks, I don’t have a choice to pick 100% printing, so a 1-inch box or even a 1-inch line is handy on the templates to make sure they’re accurately printing. It is probably not an issue for most people, but maybe for any future PP patterns, you might want to incorporate that extra safeguard. I’ve saved your video to watch soon. Thanks, Mary.

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  7. When I print the pattern with no scaling, page 2 cuts off at the bottom. Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how did you get around it?

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  8. Brilliant tutorial, you make me more confident that I could try. I’m buying your layout/ pattern from Craftsy but the site seems to have problems today. Think all your lessons are great and love the way you present them..that music has infiltrated my head lol

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