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Video tutorial: Regular and flange machine binding

Video tutorial: Flange binding and regular binding by machine

If you want to add a special touch to your quilt, add a faux piping, flange or accent.

Video tutorial: how to make flange binding and sewing the binding by machine

This is how you add faux piping to your quilt:

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  1. Keen to try the flange method, does it work for right angle corners? Also how do you make the curved corners as shown please?


  2. Sallie, what do you mean by right angle corner? A mitered corner. To make round corners I just used a glass to draw the corners, and then cut the quilt along the curves. Then I just stitched the regular binding along the edge. It’s easier than doing corners.


  3. I didn’t use bias binding though for a very pronounced curve bias tape would work better.


  4. Hmm yes I guess I mean a mitred corner – new to quilting 🙂
    Using a glass sounds interesting, do you measure where you place the glass so that you have all the corners the same?
    Thank you

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  5. Hi Sallie, I don’t measure anything. You should be able to see it. Alternatively you can cut the first corner and use it as a template for the other 3.


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