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Video tutorial: improv patchwork projects- quick and easy quilting

I’ve made a few improv projects over the years.

Do you have a lot of scraps you don’t know what to do with? Here is how you can use them.

Learn to do improv patchwork in 2 minutes

This is is just one way to do improv patchwork but quite an easy one.  You can use a piece of paper as stabiliser or nothing at all.

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Improv projects tutorials

Upcycled travel bag tutorial

Upcycled travel bag tutorial

Semi-improv 9-patch quilt

Quilt-as-you-go patchwork school bag

Urban garden iPad carry case

Reversible tray cover using improv piecing and embroidery

Improv patchwork headboard makeover

Spanish lace bobbins holder

Improv/free form quilt series

Free form patchwork mini quilt – visual creative process

Free form, free motion patchwork trial



  1. I a similar thing with scraps but I do it crazy quilting style. It’s similar to a log cabin. I sew smaller pieces on strips and then rotate and continue with whatever scraps however awkwardly shaped and just keep adding. When it reaches a size I like I cut it into a square and make more. I sew all of these together and put sashing between the strips or blocks with scrap strips sewn together in a length I like. Makes for a very interesting quilt, or has my husband puts it “I can’t hear you over the quilt”. LOL

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  2. I’ve done similar improv as well. I think anything goes with improv or free form patchwork. It’s quite liberating isn’t it?


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