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Block 8: trapunto – Textured 4-patch quilt

Close up

Block type: 4-patch

Block size: 10 1/2 inches

Colour scheme: reds, greens and neutrals

Texture/fabric manipulation: machine trapunto


  • one 6 in floral square
  • one 6 in pale green square
  • one 6 in cream square
  • one 5 1/2 pale green square
  • 6 1/2 in square of thick batting

Making the trapunto

Note: the trapunto will not be finished until the quilt is put together and quilted but the raised circles can already be seen at this stage.

Get the cream square and using a water soluble pen draw several circles in different sizes as per picture.

Attach the batting to the back of the square.

Stitch around the circle lines.

Try to do a better job than me!

This is what the back will look like.

Now start cutting away the butting as close to the sewing line as possible.

You may need to go back and trim some of the batting corners around the circles.

Trim the square to 5 1/2 inches.

Now get the floral and green squares and trace a line in the diagonal.

Stitch on each of side of the diagonal at 1/4 in from it.

Cut through the drawn line after stitching.

Cut the corners.

Arrange the block as per picture and stitch together.

Here you have it.

Like I said earlier, the trapunto will stand out more once the quilt is being quilted.

Textured 4-patch quilt tutorial

This quilt has 16 x 10 1/2 in blocks.

Each block is a 4-patch block in greens and reds. The fabric manipulation is made in a cream fabric.

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See also my first Textured quilt sampler tutorial.

Share your pictures

Are you making this quilt? Share your pictures on Flickr’s TeresaDownUnder group.


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