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Crumby churn dash quilt block video tutorial

Churn dash is a classic block and I’ve made tutorials using the block in the past. This time though I’m making the block using a crumb quilted piece for the centre square.

So let’s make a crumby churn dash quilt block:

What do you think?

Learn crumb quilting

In case you missed my tutorial on crumb quilting, here it is again.

So how can you use this block. You can make a mini quilt but you can use this block in a quilt.

My lucky stars pattern with crumb quilting

Do you enjoy crumb quilting?

My lucky stars quilt pattern is suitable for using crumb quilting. The blocks are large and you can use the tiniest fabric scraps.
See some designs below.

Crumby churn dash quilt block video tutorial


  1. Hi Teresa love your videos gives me ideas. I need your help if you can. I’m in the process of making crumb blocks finished size 6”. I would like to make into a churn dash and a saw tooth block, my problem is all the sizes they are cutting for the outside are different are you able to help me with the pieces I need to cut to attach to my centre 6” square. Faye


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