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Block 26 – Tulip – Mysteries Down Under quilt

Again this week we have a block that is very easy to make with foundation piecing.

This is an easy block to learn the basics of foundation piecing, but if you don’t want to learn you can download the traditional templates instead.

How to make a Tulip quilt block

Download Mysteries Down Under quilt pattern

This block belongs to the Mysteries Down Under quilt. You can get the template as a PDF download together with the rest of the quilt pattern.

Mysteries Down Under Quilt pattern

Get the fabric needs, cutting instructions, templates, quilt assembly instructions and all video tutorials in one single download.

Mysteries Down Under quilt pattern on Etsy

Order my book Turnabout Patchwork

“Turnabout Patchwork. Simple quilts with a twist” is all about playing with blocks – making a block, slicing it up, and turning or repositioning the pieces to make a completely different block (sometimes two smaller blocks) to yield endless quilt tops.

Order Turnabout patchwork by Teresa Mairal Barreu - TeresaDownUnder

Stay tuned for more!

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Tulip quilt block - Mysteries Down Under quilt


  1. just to let you know your book is now in the UK thrilled with my copy full of wonderful ideas thankyou so much. I will be taking it to my quilt group next saturday and showing everyone what a great book it is. Shame I have moved house and not ab;t to stitch at the moment everything in such a mess!!

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  2. Thank you for that Fiona! We’re getting there. And thank you for spreading the word. Happy quilting 😊😊


  3. Lovely block and a great tutorial, but I have a quick question. Should I press each seam after sewing it or only press once the whole block is assembled? I’m about to try my hand at a Storm at Sea quilt using your foundation piece templates, and it would be good to know when I should be pressing.

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  4. You can do either. I prefer pressing after each piece because I think the block turns out better but you could decide it’s fine without pressing after each step. You’ll be the judge once you start making the blocks.


  5. Thanks! I might just have to buy a mini iron then to keep next to my sewing machine. Otherwise I’d be doing more jumping up and sitting down than sewing! And thank you for your videos. I’ve learned so much from them.

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  6. That’s an idea. Or you could buy one of those clover rollers. They look effective though I’ve never used one.


  7. i’m trying to identify a quilt pattern that my daughter in law received from a co-worker { who is dying of cancer}..she wants to be able to properly identify it in her thank you card…I would appreciate your help

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