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Scrappy strip half square triangles video tutorial

Scrappy strip half square triangle video tutorial

I never throw away any fabric scraps left over from other projects.

I put them together by shape: squares, strips, triangles. This makes it easier when I decide to make a block like this one.

How to make 2 scrappy strip half square triangles

If you don’t like using scrappy strips but still like the half square layouts, you can try this other similar block:

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  1. Very cool… I love the fact that such a simple block can be used in so many different patterns. Great idea. And like you, I never toss anything that can be used in a new quilt.

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  2. You wowed me yet again! I really like the scrappy strips you used. It gives me quite the new perspective on using my scraps. Thanks!

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  3. To get this effect, all your scrappy strips would have to be the same and sewn on the triangles in the same way, right? I wonder what this would look like with truly random strips. Guess I’ll just give it a try! BTW – love these short little tutorials.

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  4. Thank you so, so much for doing a tutorial on using those skinny strips you just cannot throw out. Love this pattern. Thank you again for sharing your talent!

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  5. Alicia, the effect will be similar with random strips for each block. The idea is to be as random as possible. I just didn’t make enough blocks to show it


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