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Quilt pattern: Win my heart

Win my heart quilt pattern - confident beginner pattern

Win my heart is a quick and easy quilt pattern for confident beginners and above.

The quilt can be made scrappy, like the one on the cover of the pattern, or in coordinated fabrics. Check out the video for other colour schemes.

Have a look at the quilt

Watch a short video on the quilt:

Quilt details

5 quilt sizes: Mini, throw, twin, queen and king.

Block finished size: 7 ½” H x 6 ½” W.

Two block designs: Block A and Block B.

Quilt technique: the cutting instructions include directions for fast cutting using a 60° ruler. A 60° ruler template is provided as well as templates for traditional piecing.

Printing: When printing the paper templates make sure your printer is set to print at 100%. Use the 1” square in page 2 of the ruler template as a guide.

Skill level: Confident beginner / intermediate.

Seam allowances are ¼”.

The width of fabric (WOF) for the purpose of this pattern is 42”.

Bonus: links to relevant video tutorials, 60° ruler template, quilt colouring page. 

Buy Win my heart quilt pattern

Buy Win my heart quilt pattern on Etsy

Buy Win my heart  quilt pattern on Etsy

I’d like to thank the great testers that tested and proofread the pattern for their generosity:

  • Joanne;
  • Lynne from Sydney;
  • RosieJCB who named her version of the quilt “Into the Heart of Australia”;
  • Kathy Brukman; 
  • Kate, with her “Gonna Teal Your Heart Away” quilt which uses teal as the base colour, the colour of the OCA. Kate will donate the quilt to OCA.  She added an extra strip to make it a bit larger. Check out her photos of the quilt in her blog.

I hope you like my quilt and enjoy making it.

If you have any questions about the pattern, please feel free to contact me via the form on the About this blog page.

If you don’t have a 60 degree ruler

Not to worry, here is how to cut 60 degree triangles without special rulers:

If you like my videos subscribe to my channel. If you make any of my tutorials and upload pictures to Instagram please tag me with @teresadownunder

Quilt pattern: Win my heart - quick and easy quilt pattern for beginners

Photos from the wonderful testers

Quilt pattern: Win my heart - easy quilt for confident beginners


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