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Video tutorial: Double Storm at sea quilt block – variation 2

Video tutorial: storm at sea quilt block - free foundation pattern

This is the second variation of a Storm at sea quilt block.

As with the first variation, this variation of Storm at sea has many possibilities. Just change the fabric colours to make a very different and beautiful quilts.

How to make a Double storm at sea block

Whatch a 3 minute video demonstrating how to make this a double Storm at sea block:

This block is a perfect block to learn foundation paper piecing.

I know a lot of people feel a bit confused by foundation piecing. I hope this video makes sense to you.

Double storm at sea block size

12 1/2 inches.

Download storm at sea template

Some quilt layouts that can be made with the Double storm at sea block

Video tutorial: double storm at sea quilt block


  1. You create lovely tutorials generally but this one was done way too quickly. I happily will watch a 20 minute how-to video if all the steps are clear and easy to follow.


  2. Many thanks for the tutorial. I wonder why some people have to leave unpleasant remarks. If what you do doesn’t fit in with their schedule or they can’t follow it, that is really not for you to worry about. They can watch more than once, or they can go elsewhere, but leaving a mean comment is totally out of order. Thank you for taking the time to share your beautiful work.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you Barbara for your kind comments. I guess that’s the nature of internet. I’ve learned to ignore those sorts of comments. Fortunately they don’t happen too often. Have a great day!


  4. I’m about to start this quilt, but I was wondering how many blocks I would need to make for a twin size quilt? A chart of some sort stating how many blocks for different quilt sizes would be fantastic.


  5. Hi, that’s a good idea. Thank you. For a twin size you’d need about 5 blocks across by 7 down, so 35 blocks by my calculations for a 70″ x 90″


  6. Love your you tubes
    Love your quilts
    Love the info you provide
    I’m excited to start following your blog.
    Thanks so very much for being out there 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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