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English Paper Piecing: megahexagon of hexies or improv EPP

This is my new English paper piecing project that I started without any planning – a lot of my quilts and projects start this way -, as something to do while I watched TV and just seeing it grow, and watching where it took me.

For this I printed a few sheets of 1 inch hexagons (pdf), the same size as my Scrappy flower quilt, still in progress.

How to make English paper piecing (EPP) hexagons

This is a beginner’s project.

Below is the sequence so far.

At this stage I’m thinking I’m going to do a star shape with the points in a lighter colour and the background in a dark pink, purple or brown.


  1. It is pretty! I started my first (and current ) EPP project without having a definite plan. I worked out lots of variations but couldn’t make my mind up. I have eventually worked out what I am going to do (I think) but I am actually enjoying the unpredictability of it. 😊

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