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Improv patchwork headboard makeover

My last improv quilt started as a headboard cover but I changed my mind half way through and I decided to just mount the quilt on canvas.

The headboard design is 100% improv. It did the design as a colour study without any planning other than selecting the fabrics I wanted to use.

My fabrics were Moda Bella solids. I used 100% linen for the background fabric. Linen is not easy to work with. This was my first time and it can be challenging because it stretches quite easily.

The following illustrates the process I followed.

The pieces were hand. I did not use a ruler. To measure I placed the previous piece on top of the fabric to eyeball the width or height and just cut by hand.

I made my pieces usually larger so I could trim after sewing.

I sometimes planned a whole section of the design.

To cut curves I placed one fabric on top of the other and followed the curved piece as a cutting line for the second piece.

After sewing a curve it is important that some cuts are made along the stitch line so that it irons flat.

I made adjustments along the way, adding bits here and there to break large areas on one single colour.

The design is trimmed when necessary.

I wanted to add some texture to the design too and I added some pleats in a couple of places.

I marked some lines where I wanted to have the pleats and ironed the piece and pinned it.

I made a large piece and then I stitched through the middle.

Then I cut the piece in two.

I used both pieces in different places.

I added one piece between two colours though the texture is not visible in the photo.

As pieces are added it is usually necessary to square the piece before adding the next one.

The design continues to grow and I still don’t have much of an idea of where it is going. I just don’t want to do anything too large.

I added some interest with some stripes on the side.

By the time I had reached the size I wanted I started to square the design.

But I needed to integrate the design a bit more into the background, give it some “roots”.

I added then a large block that roots the design to one side.

The other side also needs to be integrated to the background.

I used the left over strips cut and re stitched.

Now I just needed to frame the design by adding a large border big enough that will cover the headboard.


Closeup of the pleats.

Then the piece needs to be stapled to the headboard.

Place over the board.

Start by stapling the top.

Then staple the opposite side.

This is the stapling order I followed.



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