acolchado fabric manipulation log cabin patchwork quilting tutorial

Block 1: Pin tucks – Textured quilt sampler tutorial

This is the first block in a series of 25 exploring texture in fabric.

Each block is made out of a centre 5 inch square featuring some fabric texture such as pin tucks, smocking, shirring and the like. Then a 3 1/2 wide border encloses each centre square.

The colour scheme is red and white/cream alternating reds and white/cream for the centre square and border.

Some of the textures show better on plain colours than on heavily patterned fabric.

Block type: log cabin

Block size: 11 inches

Colour scheme: reds and neutrals

Texture/fabric manipulation:  pin tucks

Quilt size: The finished quilt is 52 1/2 x 52 1/2.


  • one 5 in x 7 in rectangle in red for the textured centre square
  • two 5 in x 3 1/2 in rectangles and two 11 in x 3 1/2 in rectangles for the border
Making the pintucks
Cut one 5 in x 7 in rectangle and mark it on the back at 1 inch intervals.

Fold at each mark and press. You could use pin to secure after pressing though I didn’t feel it was necessary with such a small piece of fabric.

Once you have pressed every line, put each fold through your machine and stitch as close to the edge as possible.

Your piece will be curled up when you finish.

Press the piece from the back but not so hard that the pintucks will be flattened and trim to a 5 inch square.

Now add the white border as per picture.

Textured blocks tutorials

See all Textured quilt sampler tutorials for this quilt.

Share your pictures

Are you making this quilt? Share your pictures on Flickr’s TeresaDownUnder group.


  1. WHAT A GREAT IDEA! We get into such typical routines we forget to ADD another “touch” to our patterns.
    Thanks so much.


  2. I’m so impressed with these ideas. Adding them in is a wonderful way to add “extra” to blocks and your ahead of many in this idea. Just LOVE what your doing,.


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