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French poem napkin embroidery free pattern

I chose a French poem entitled “Pomme et poire” (Apple and pear) for this embroidery. I only had 4 napkins so I only used page 1 of the downloads below. Page 2 contains the last part of the poem.
I used stem stitch.


Pomme et poire – Luc Bérimont

Pomme et poire
Dans l’armoire

Fraise et noix
Dans le bois

Sucre et pain
Dans ma main

Plume et colle
Dans l’école

Et le faiseur de bêtises
Bien au chaud dans ma chemise.

Pomme et poire dans l’armoire

Fraise et noix dans le bois

Sucre et pain dans ma main

Plume et colle dans l’école

Et voilà!


  1. Teresa, These napkins are so very lovely. My three children go to a French Immersion Language School in San Diego California. These would make a wonderful teacher gift. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Thank you for your pretty project. I pinned it to my embroidery board on Pinterest. I was curious after seeing this poem to know what it meant. I took it to Google Translate:

    Apple and pear
    In the cabinet

    Strawberry and nuts
    In the woods

    Sugar and bread
    In my hand

    Pen and glue
    In the school

    And the maker of mischief
    Warm in my shirt.

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