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Foundation piecing teapot potholder pattern


  • Scrap fabrics
  • Batting
  • Ric rac

Using the pattern you will obtain this teapot block. Note: the handle made of appliquéd bias tape. The bias tape is 7/8 in wide before folding.

Make a quilt sandwich and quilt the pot holder any way you like.

Then trim the square.

Add rid rac

Place the ric rac to the edge of the quilted pot holder and stitch leaving a 1/8 seam allowance.

Add binding by machine

To stitch the binding by machine, stitch first the bias tape to the back of the quilt sandwich as per picture.

Iron the bias tape from the back.

Then make a fold on the bias tape and iron (see picture) to make it easier to pin.

Pin binding to front making sure the ric rac is visible.

Top stitch.



  1. I think this is super. Hope you wont mind if I make a couple for my long-term friends Mum. She’s in a new condo and this ought to add to some colour to the “builders beige”.


  2. Fantastic pattern and love your colours – this is a must for my Time for Tea lap quilt. Thank you for posting this


  3. this is simply the cutest and best pattern ever for a teapot:):)thank you so so very much..i am new to foundation piecing and also new to sewing in general so I am going to try my best to make a potholder and if it works I will make 2 lol..thank you again..


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