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Improv / free form quilt blocks series – block 4 – tutorial

This is the fourth block in a series of 6. The blocks will be used to make a quilted bedhead.



Matching fabrics in 4 solid colours plus some white. Choose colours with good contrast.

Block size

The finished block measures 10 ½ in.


Start creating wonky log cabin mini blocks.

Choose a colour for the centre and cream for the surrounding pieces.

Make interesting pieces with different angles and trim after you get one complete row.

Once you finish the mini block, you will need to trim again.

Trim like below.

Continue to make mini log cabin blocks in the same fashion using different centre colours.

Then cut a 12 and a half inch square and p lace your mini log cabin blocks on the square in a kind of row so when we will be able to cut a strip following the position of the mini blocks.

Pin them in place.

Using the rotary cutter start cutting strips following the placement of the mini blocks.

Then, using each mini block, cut a piece of green fabric which is the size of the mini block width minus one half inch to make up for the seam allowances.

Stitch the mini log cabin blocks to the green fabric.

Place the  strips next to each other to see if you need to trim any of the strips to match the next strip before sewing.

Sew all strips together and you’ve completed the fourth block.


  1. I think these are just lovely and quite inspirational. Makes me really think in versions of ART quilt vs snuggle quilt right now. Textures etc. like a wall hanging. Love it.


  2. I love your fresh approach. Contemporary colors look so good in these blocks! Very inspiring.


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