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Embroidered eye mask tutorial



  • fabric scraps for front, back and binding
  • embroidery floss
  • 14 ¼ inch elastic band

Download eye mask pattern (pdf).

Cut pattern out, place on the facing fabric and draw around it.

You can use any marker as the line will not be visible after you add the binding.

Using matching embroidery floss, stitch around the edges of the designs or in whatever pattern you like.

Detailed embroidery.

I only stitched on some of the designs.

And I used a variety of stitches as well as colours.

When finished, make a sandwich with the backing, batting and the facing fabric. Pin to hold together.

Stitch around the eye mask one quarter inch from the marked line.

Now you have the sandwich stitched together, it is time to trim the fabric.

Cut around the stitching line leaving a bit less than one quarter inch allowance.

Cut a 20 inch long bias strip.

Stitch the binding in place.

Fold the bias tape around the other side of the eye mask when done and pin.

At this stage insert the elastic band.

Pin in place.

Stitch by hand and you’re done!


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