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Quick and easy no sew Christmas ornament

No sew Christmas ornament - tutorial

These are called quilted Christmas ornaments and you can make them in different ways.

I followed Random Rambling’s tutorial but there are others you can follow such as Project wedding or the one on Make Stuff. Plenty to choose from. You can watch a video which clearly demonstrates how to make a ball from beginning to end. You don’t have a polystyrene ball? Use a CD instead of a ball to make this ornament!

I have made a number of them and I can say that:

  • using 2.5in squares instead of 3in squares for a 3 inch ball achieves better results
  • high contrast fabrics and colours work better
  • they make great Christmas presents
  • they are great craft projects to make with children
  • they are a good way to relax and get into the zen zone
You can get very creative with this ball as a quick Google search demonstrates.

No sew Christmas ornament - tutorial

No sew Christmas ornament - tutorial

No sew Christmas ornament - tutorial


  1. I’m new to crafting, so please forgive this question, but…how do you make the loop that will hang from the Christmas Tree? Do you just use the ribbon and hot glue it in a loop form or bow form? thanks!


  2. The ribbon is also pinnedto the ball. I pinned it on two opposite sites, at the bottom and where both sides of the ribbon meet making sure the ribbon ends are tucked in underneath the fabric strip, if using a fabric strip. If you look closely you can see a pin on the second picture. I found that using only a ribbon, and not a fabric strip under it, the ribbon moved a bit so I pinned it in 4 places.


  3. A friend and I made these yestetday. Lots of fun and they came out beautiful. She’s coming back today to make more. Thanks for the patterns.


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