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Tooth Fairy pillow

Tooth fairy pillow tutorial

Tooth Fairy Pillows make great birthday presents for girls as well as boys.


You will need 4 different fabrics, some ribbon and a piece of white felt and some filling.


9 inch square for the back
3 1/2 inch x 9 inch rectangle for the front and top
6 inch x 9 inch rectangle for the front bottom
9 inch piece of ribbon and some more for the hook and bow
3 inch square for the pocket


Stitch both rectangles to form the front and iron to one side.

Stitch the ribbon directly to hide the seam.

Make a bow with a piece of ribbon and stitch in place.

Cut pocket, hem it around all sides and stitch very close to the edge.

Draw a tooth on the white piece of felt and cut. Stitch to the pocket.

Stitch pocket to the cushion on an angle.

Cut an 8 inch ribbon, fold in half and attach it to the top of the front top rectangle. This will serve as a hook to hang the cushion on the door handle.

Place both back and front rectangles right side together and stitch all around leaving an opening on the bottom part to insert the filling.

Turn inside out clipping corners of excess fabric first.

Fill cushion and close opening by hand when finished.

Hang on door. I added a bought store organza bag inside the pocket to collect the tooth more easily.

Other Tooth fairy pillows

You can experiment with different ornaments using beads,  sequins, felt die cuts, and the like.

Tooth Fairy cushion

Tooth Fairy pillow

Tooth Fairy pillow

Tooth Fairy pillow

A variation of the tooth fairy pillow in a heart shape.


  1. What a great idea. My children use to put there teeth in a glass of water .This is something different


  2. oh, I love how you did this! I also like that you added a door hanger, so you are not digging around under you kiddos pillow!


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  4. My 4th grandchild just lost his second tooth. My, how I wish I had seen this precious tutorial sooner. By the time he loses this 3rd one, I will have one of these cute little pillows for him. His little brother just turned 5 I will have to make one for him, too. And then my one granddaughter will get hers. Thanks so much for sharing your pattern with all of us. Genie


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