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iPhone slipcover


3 3/4 x 10 inch piece of felt for the inside
3 3/4 x 10 inch piece of cotton fabric
3 3/4 x 10 inch one sided fusible interfacing

Note: the slipcover has a very tight fit. Feel free to add an extra 1/4 or 1/2 inch to the width and height of the fabrics.

Iron the interfacing to the wrong side of the cotton fabric.

Place felt and cotton fabric with right sides together and stitch all around except for a small 1 inch gap on the shorter side.

Trim corners. Turn inside out and iron flat.

Fold ribbon in half and place a small portion inside the 1 inch gap. Top stitch all along the narrow top on each side.

Fold in half and stitch both sides very close to the edge.

I used ribbon to stop the iPhone falling off the slipcover though the fit is so tight it’s not really necessary. It’s probably not very practical either when answering calls. But it looks good.


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