Softies: free patterns and instructions

  1. Platypus
  2. Pointy Kitty
  3. Scotty Dog
  4. Spring Chicken
  5. Funny Bunny
  6. Lambkin

Funny Bunny softie

Free pattern download and instructions at Sew4Home.

My top 5 sewing tutorials

  1. Take-along placemat
  2. Stipple quilted hot water bottle cover
  3. Notebook cover tutorial
  4. Tooth Fairy pillow
  5. Rainbow pencil roll tutorial

Last minute gift: tooth fairy pillow


  • Scrap fabric
  • Ribbon
  • Little ornaments
  • Felt shapes
  • Felt for the pocket
  • Organza bag
  • Polyfill


Make the front of the cushion using the wonky log cabin tutorial by Tallgrass Prairie Studio. The resulting block is 9 x 9 inches.

Then follow my tooth fairy pillow tutorial.

Add any embellishment you like.

The flower is made out of die cut felt shapes with some beads stitched to the petals and a felt covered button for the centre.

Use a pre-made organza bag matching the dominant colour.

I used a heart shaped pocket for this pillow.

Easy to make and always a success with the kids.

Pincushion tutorial

2 six inch squares in 2 matching colours
2 self covered buttons in the same fabrics
Some ribbon

Pin both squares right side together and stitch around leaving a 2 inch opening on one side. Corners are stitched in a curve.

Turn inside out and fill cushion very tightly. Stitch the opening.

Place ribbon edge in the middle of the back of the cushion and cross with the needle to the other side. I used stranded cotton for this but any strong thick cotton will do.

Bring ribbon around the opposite side of cushion and press finger in to hold ribbon in place while putting the needle through. Turn
ribbon all around until it surrounds cushion. Put needle theoug again. You will find that every time you put the needle through you can tighten the thread a bit further. Cut the ribbon close to the stitch.

Do the same with another piece of ribbon making a cross over the cushion. The depression in the middle of the cushion should be formed by now.

Then take a button and pass the thread through the button hole and through the cushion to the other side. On the other side do the same with the second button. Do this a couple more times.


Back of the pincushion

See also my sunflower pincushion.


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