Christmas gifts for quilters

Do you have a quilter friend and you’d like to gift them something?

Do you quilt and buy your own Christmas gifts?

Below I’ve compiled a selection of quilting tools I like and use on a regular basis and I can recommend. They’re also basic materials I can’t be without.

Aurifil thread set

Aurifil are silky premium quilting threads. They’re beautiful to work with. For a special gift I’d recommend Aurifil though on a day to day basis I use Connecting threads thread.


I pin a lot and good quality very sharp headpins are important so they don’t damage the fabrics. You’ll go through a lot of pins -if you pin as much as I do!- so it’s always a gift that’s appreciated.

Olfa Rotary Cutter & Mat Quilt Kit

Rotary cutter, mat and ruler. Olfa makes great products. While they may be more expensive than other brands their products last a long time. I still have and use my first rotary cutter that I bought in 2005.

I also use Fiskars mats and cutters but Olfa seems to be “the” brand I have more attachment to.


My good scissors are Fiskars. And this pair is perfect for quilting.

Wool pressing mat

I always have a wool pressing mat next to my machine and a small iron.

Mini craft iron

A mini iron is very convenient to use next to your machine on a wool mat.

Electric quilt 8 software

EQ 8 is the software I use to design my quilts and do some of the quilt mock-ups at the end of my videos.

You can also check other tools that I regularly use on my Tools page.

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  1. Yes Teresa, you and I are on the same page! lol…….except for Electric Quilt software…I stopped at EQ5. I’ve saved all your email patterns and hope to (one day) make one of each in their relative sizes 9″, 10″ and 12 ” blocks, then combine them into a same sized block sampler quilt……..Thank you for all you do for us fellow quilters. Cheers, Elizabeth


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