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How to use freezer paper in quilting

Today we start the Tulip factory QAL with some general recommendations on how to make the blocks for this quilt.

If you don’t have freezer paper available in your country, you may be able to buy it from Amazon like I did. See links below.

Quilters and sewists use freezer paper for different things.

This demo will be useful for our current QAL pattern Tulip factory quilt as well as for any other pattern based quilt.

These are the main uses I have for freezer paper in quilting:

Foundation piecing

This is one of my favourite ways to use freezer paper.

Trace the template on to freezer paper or print to it directly. This method of foundation piecing doesn’t require the paper to be torn and the template can be reused over and over. I demonstrate this use on video.

Cutting paper templates

I like using freezer paper to cut template shapes. It’s faster and more accurate than pinning or tracing the template on the fabric.

Pay attention to the side you need to iron the freezer paper so you don’t end up with a mirrored block.

See how I use both techniques above on the video below.

For my quilt Tulip factory I used a mix of the two first techniques because I made the blocks using both foundation piecing and traditional piecing. You know, sometimes I get tired of doing the same thing over and over.

Note: If you just can’t get freezer paper at all, you can just use regular copy paper and tear the paper off or you can just use a tiny bit of water soluble glue with paper copy and see how you go.

Download the template

Reverse appliqué

We’re not going to do appliqué for the QAL but since you’re here I’ll show you another very good use for freezer paper and my favourite appliqué method.

Freezer paper appliqué in my experience produces more accurate shapes and I find it’s easier to handle than other methods.

Where to buy freezer paper

In the US freezer paper is readily available I’m told.

In Australia you usually can buy freezer paper at Spotlight stores and possibly at some specialist quilting stores.

The more readily available freezer paper comes in a roll. However if you use it a lot in your quilting then buying sheets of freezer paper that you can print on your printer is a great time saver.

This is the product I’ve buying recently. The size is US Letter but I just cut the sides to print as A4 and it works a treat.

Freezer paper for printing.
I used to trace my templates until I discovered that this paper exist. It’s a lot easier than tracing templates

If you, like me, don’t like tracing templates on to freezer paper you’ll be relieved by this paper.

The templates are always perfect and they can be reused over and over as regular freezer paper on a roll.

Freezer paper on a roll.

While a bit more involved, freezer paper on a roll can also be used for printing and of course for tracing.

When printing, cut a piece the same size as the copy paper, press on to the paper and just print on it.

Don’t press for too long or it may stick to the paper permanently. Do you want to know how I found out?

So time to start thinking about how you’ll tackle your Tulip factory quilt. Traditional piecing? Foundation paper piecing? In any case, go and get some freezer paper. It may come in handy once you start.

Tulip Factory QAL

Download Tulip factory quilt pattern

Buy Tulip factory pattern.

Have a close look at the quilt:

Using freezer paper in quilting

How to make a tulip quilt block with foundation paper piecing

How to make a tulip quilt block with traditional piecing

How to make a tulip bud with foundation paper piecing

How to make a tulip bud with traditional piecing

Stem and leaves traditional piecing

Stem and leaves using foundation paper piecing

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Using freezer paper in quilting


  1. You asked – (re-pressing the freezer paper to copy paper) …”Do you want to know how I found out”???….nup!..I can guess!! lol lol. Teresa, I love the Tulip Factory quilt, but today I have just had a clean up/out of my sewing room,– fabric,patterns,ufo’s, finding stuff I had forgotten about, EPP, red work embroidery…….I’m disgusted with myself!!!……so, “Thank you”… but….”No Thank you”…couldn’t take on another project. This is quite a comprehensive video, THANK YOU!…. Warm regards, Elizabeth

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Teresa

    I was going to use FPP, I’ve already printed all the pages. Does that mean I can start sewing.

    I have one question about the Stem FPP Template. Is it 2 templates to the page?

    Thanks Dianne Geelong

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