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How to make another 2 block rainbow quilt

Today I’m going to share a couple of the blocks of my Colour Fair Down Under quilt that we made as a quilt along a few months ago but this time we’ll just use both to make quilt.

You can combine them into a 2 block quilt.

So let’s start!

Tips on assembling the blocks

The main things to bear in mind when assembling your blocks are:

  • Chain piece to speed up the process
  • When chain piece pay special attention to the seam intersections so they remain flat
  • Press towards the darker fabric. Press and lift, press and lift so that the pieces don’t stretch
  • To get perfect points pay attention to where the seams meet when sewing the patches together
  • Use swirling seams to avoid bulky seams

This video demonstrates the above points:

This other video shows how to do swirling seams on a nine patch block:

Trimming Half Square Triangles

This lesson is very relevant to this block.

Try both and pick your favourite method.

Colour Fair Down Under Quilt

If you like the blocks, you may like this quilt.

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  1. Thank you for the video. It’s almost like magic how just rotating a simple hst bsquares can make an entirely different block.

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