Colour Fair Down Under Quilt

colour fair down under quilt pattern

How to choose your fabrics

My sample quilt uses a rainbow colour scheme and it’s a bright one. Alternatives to this bright colour scheme is using pastel equivalents or darker tones. Or you may just pick 2 colours plus a background.

Rainbow colours work well with light and dark background fabrics.

On page 15 of the pattern you’ll find several alternative colour schemes for the quilt.

If you want to get more tips, I’ve written about how to choose fabrics for a quilt before and I’ve even made a video.

Have a close look at the project with this promo video:

Colour Fair Down Under Quilt

We made this quilt as a quilt along at the end of 2021. The pattern is still available and so are all the videos:

QAL fabric inspiration

How to trim half square triangles (bonus video)

8-pointed star block

Diamond block

Cross block

Whirlpool block


Share your progress

Let’s share our blocks to encourage each other:

  • On Instagram please tag me with @teresadownunder and hashtag #colourfairdownunderqal
  • Join my Facebook group and post your pictures there
  • You can also show your pictures on my QAL Event page on Facebook

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  1. I have your turnaround book. Do I still need to purchase the pattern in order to participate in the October 30th quilt along?


  2. Hi Diana, this is a QAL for a quilt that isn’t in the book so you’ll need the pattern.


  3. Good Morning Teresa,
    Excited to do the sew along. I just purchased the pattern and now will check my “fabric collection” 😂 for what I’ll be using. I do have a question. I do not use facebook, instagram or any of the other sites. I do use You Tube. Will we be able to get tutorials, or messages in our e-mails or ?? to follow along in case we get stuck?? Thank You, Chris in California


  4. Great! Check that you have turned on YouTube notifications and that you’re subscribed to this blog so you don’t miss any of my emails.
    Happy quilting!


  5. I have purchased the pattern and look forward to joining the quiltalong on 30 October. The quilt looks really goodBarbara Pearson

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  6. I receive your emails and have purchased the Colour Fair pattern (through Paypal under the name of John Patterson, husband). Do I need to do anything else to join your quiltalong?

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Hello, I have your book turnaround and follow all your posts on Facebook and you tube, so was excited about joining the Colour Fair Down Under Quilt Along. I have purchased the pattern and I am sure I sent a message to join, but I am not getting the instructions on Facebook, only seeing others posts of the fantastic blocks coming along. The links on the pattern do not work for me as they are apparently private. What am I doing wrong? Please

    Liked by 1 person

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