layer cake quilting

Disappearing hourglass with pre-cuts – video tutorial

This is one of those blocks that start with two squares. It can be made in different sizes though for this demo I’ve chosen a 10″ pre-cut also called layer cake.

How to make 4 disappearing hourglass blocks with two 10″ squares

By using a variety of fabric and colour combinations you can make strikingly looking quilts quite easily.

Fabric collection

The demo uses pre-cut 10″ squares, also called layer cakes, from the Michael Miller Collection Fairy Frost Metallic. In red and green this would make a great Christmas quilt.

See an alternative and classy colour scheme with this collection in creams, greys and blacks.

Using 3 fabrics

disappearing hourglass block

Using 2 fabrics

disappearing hourglass block

Disappearing hourglass variations quilt block


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