3D block 3D quilt 60 degree ruler template 60 degree triangle block

Sewing a 3d hexagon quilt with jelly rolls – video tutorial

This block uses 2 1/2″ strips so it’s perfect for jelly rolls.

How to make a 3D hexagon quilt block

Learn in 2 minutes how to make a 3 D hexagon block:

What you need for 7 blocks

3 pairs of strips of fabric 2 1/2 inch x width of fabric or 42″.

Use the right fabric value to get the 3D effect. Follow this guideline:

  • Pair one: medium + dark
  • Pair two: medium + light
  • Pair three: dark + light

If you don’t have a 60 degree ruler

If you plan to cut at 60 degrees a lot you may consider investing in a 60 degree ruler.


  • here is how to cut 60 degree triangles without special rulers:

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2-minute video tutorial: 3D hexagon quilt block


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