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Video tutorial: Hidden wells technique – two blocks with 3 strips

This technique was developed by Mary Ellen Hopkins in 1989 for her Hidden wells quilt. It can be done with a different number of strips in different or equal widths.

How to make a Hidden wells block with 3 strips

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3 strip Hidden wells quilt blocks - video tutorial - quick and easy quilting


  1. Hi, If you don’t mind, I have a question on a log cabin block. I am using a jelly roll and I’ve cut them for a 12.5 Block. As I’m sewing my 1/4” seam, the next strip is always a 1/4” over. Why don’t the directions have you cut the strips 4.25 instead of 4.5, or 10.25 instead of 10.5? Or am I doing something wrong? By the way, this is my second quilt. I’m a beginner

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  2. Hi Glenda, which block are you referring to? They sizes aren’t for the video above this comment.


  3. I saw the video on the hidden wells 3 strip. I tried to follow the video. It says to cut the blocks 6″, but you need to cut the blocks 6 1/2″


  4. Hi Shirley, I can’t see where I say to cut a 6” square on the video. It doesn’t give the size. It says cut a square.


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