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Cobblestones – English Paper Piecing (EPP)

Video tutorial: Cobblestones English paper piecing (EPP) project

If you’ve never done English paper piecing or EPP this is an easy project to start with.

Each octagon has a side that measures 1″ and the squares are 1″ x 1″.


How to make English paper piecing (EPP) cobblestones

Download the template

Print the Cobblestones template (PDF) and start sewing!

This project is perfect to do while travelling, camping, in front of TV or any other time.

This is a beginner’s project.

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  1. Teresa, this was an awesome video, thanks for sharing, did wonder if/when you removed the papers, am willing to try this as my first attempt at PP. You are truly gifted and we are lucky to be able to see your creations.

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  2. This is the design I used for the first quilt I ever made nearly 40 years ago, before I knew anything about quilting. I found it very straightforward even then, but it was important to keep the small squares very straight and with sharp corners, or it threw the whole pattern out.

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  3. Thank you for the tip. I haven’t made a full quilt with this but I can see how that would happen. It was very tricky doing 90 degree corners.


  4. I found it gave the sharpest point if I did a simple fold down, each corner in succession, and I moved onto anchoring the corners through the paper (rather than stitching only the fabric) because it held better. More work, but a very clean result!

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  5. So at the end you need to remove the thread and the paper? I’ll have to try that. This is my next large EPP but so far I’ve only done the piece on the video 😂😂


  6. Yes, but you could do it only on the squares, the octagons work OK your way. I tend to stitch through the paper for all my EPP, as I find it gives a crisper edge and over a large quilt, a better fit. You can still reuse the papers several times, even with holes in the edges.


  7. I love when you do tutorials like shows me I don’t have to be perfect and it still works. I was taught to quilt by women who entered quilts in fairs and such and every point had to be perfect. I agonized over my quilts for many years because they weren’t perfect. I actually lost the enthusiasm for quilting. You have given me back the joy in quilting. Now I do it strictly for fun..Thank you.

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