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Video tutorial: Strippy heart quilt block

Strippy heart quilt block video tutorial

As we get close to Valentine’s Day why not try out foundation piecing to make this cute heart block?

Learn foundation piecing in a couple of minutes:


Download strippy heart template (PDF)

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  1. These would make fun blocks for a table runner! One thing I learned a few years ago was to shorten my stitch length when paper piecing. Makes removing the papers SO much easier. The other thing was to stitch “beyond” the edge of the line 2 or 3 stitches, so when you are removing your papers or folding back, you don’t pull your stitches. Great video as always. 🙂

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  2. I’ve tried to shorten the stitching length before and it’s a good tip though I didn’t see much difference when removing the paper. Maybe my default stitch length is already short.What do you mean by stitching beyond the edge? Do you mean not past the seam? I know some quilters only stitch to the seam but I’d rather sew over the seam, otherwise I think the seam may come undone more easily if I just stitch to the seam line.

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  3. I meant “over the seam” as you indicated in one of your other videos. I just saw a video that indicated when paper piecing the use of a microtex 90 needle was recommended ( to help with paper removal. I had never heard that before and found it quite interesting. I do more “foundation sewing” using phone book paper for string quilts than paper piecing, but think in either case, I will switch to that type needle, even in a modern machine.

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  4. Is Microtex 90 a thick needle? I always use an embroidery needle. I started using it for free motion but now I use it for everything. Using phone book paper would be great. The thinner the better. Years ago there were a larger variety of printer paper qualities and thickness but now it’s all very much the same.


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