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Video tutorial: Hidden wells technique using 5 fabric strips

This technique was developed by Mary Ellen Hopkins in 1989 for her Hidden wells quilt. It can be done with a different number of strips in different or equal widths.

Learn to make these 2 Hidden wells quilt blocks using 5 strips of fabric in 2 minutes:


  • 1 red 1 3/4 x 10 inch strip
  • 1 light green 2 1/2 inch x 10 inch strip
  • 1 yellow 3 1/2 x 10 inch strip
  • 1 light red 2 1/2 x 10 inch strip
  • 1 dark green 1 3/4 x 10 inch strip

Finished block size

12 1/4 inch square.

hidden wells 5 strips (2)




  1. Marvelous!! This IS “hidden well”s. Where did all the strips go?? I really like this block. Thanks, Teresa, for so many fantastic videos. Love them all.

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  2. I knew Mary Ellen Hopkins, and she was so ahead of her time!!! Thank you for giving us this pattern (again!) and letting people know of Mary Ellen. I love your example and will make more!!!

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  3. I live in Indiana . United States and I love your videos. Please don’t ever stop creating. Also I was wondering why you didn’t use a ruler the length of the block to make one continuous cut?


  4. Hi Joann, thank you, I’ll try 😊. I don’t use the appropriate rulers all the time. I don’t plan my videos so well 😂😂


  5. How much yardage to make this quilt? I understand the size of all the strips, but how much yardage and how many strip sets? Love this. Thank you.

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  6. The quilts on my videos are digital and only for demo purposes. I don’t have a precise size or number of Blocks sorry.


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