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Video tutorial: 2 English paper piecing projects

Video tutorial: English paper piecing projects to make

Scrappy hexagon quilts are great for several reasons.

You can sew hexies virtually anywhere, for instance when travelling or on holidays.

It is good to go back to your hexagon quilt when you feel like you need a break from other types of sewing, when you are between big projects or just for a relaxing day.

It is also a good way to improve your stitching skills.

Learn to make English Paper Piecing with these two projects:

Download template

Download the hexagon template (google doc).

Print on thick or plain paper and cut. Then make a hole in the centre so that it is easy to remove. There are about 16 hexagons per A4 sheet so print a few copies. Before printing make sure you’re printing at 100%.

Some projects to try:

If you enjoy my videos and tutorials you can help by:


  1. I think there are as many ways to do EPP hexies as there are to do paper piecing! I always attach the ‘petals’ to the flower centre first, and then stitch between them, rather than adding the centre last, and assemble the hexie flowers in square blocks rather than long lines, as I find it easier to work with. Good to see a tutorial for EPP, one of my favourite kinds of hand work 🙂


  2. You’re right. There’re many ways to sew hexies. Putting the flowers together should planned as I found out with my quilt:)

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