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Video tutorial: Quilt-as-you-go (QAYG) 2 ways

Video tutorial: Quilt-as-you-go (QAYG) 2 ways - quick and easy quilting techniques
There are many ways to do quilt-as-you-go (QAYG) and these are 2 of my favourite methods.

Learn QAYG 2 ways in 5 minutes

More details on each method:

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  1. Your video is great. I do it the same way, except I apply the narrow sashing exactly the same as the wide sashing. No hand sewing for me.
    Love your videos.
    Linda G


  2. Hi Teresa I love your videos, as you may know. I am looking for a QAYG one with NO sashing. Do you have one and I am just missing it in your list? I am basically a failure at QAYG and disappointed in my outcomes. Seems like it takes me longer than necessary

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  3. your video was great but I would like the video to go slower so I could write down the directions.Is there any way I can gget the directions in writing? Thanks for your help/

    Phyllis Malinov


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