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Video tutorial: Free motion quilting tutorial

Video tutorial: Free motion quilting tutorial

This tutorial goes only for over 2 minutes but it teaches you the basics of free motion quilting. It also suggests some easy free motion patterns to start with.

How to do free motion quilting video tutorial

You can do free motion quilting on a domestic machine.

You will need to use a darning foot and lower the feed dogs of your machine so you can move the quilt sandwich freely.

Start with small projects.

You can try with one block or potholder. Why not use the Disappearing pinwheel block that appears on the video tutorial to start?

Free motion is not hard but it requires quite a few hours of practice to get confident at it. Think of it as learning to write.

Above all be patient. Your first attempts may be awful but don’t give up. Practice makes perfect.

Video tutorial: Free motion quilting tutorial


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