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Basket of flowers lap quilt for beginners

I made this quilt a long time ago, posted a tutorial and forgot all about it. I thought it was time to share it again.

This is a beginner’s quilt. It is made with pre-cut triangles for the print fabric.  Pre-cut triangles are called turnovers and they are 6 inches wide. One pack of turnovers has 80 triangles in it.

Finished quilt size: 51 in x 45.5 in.

Seam allowance is 1/4 inch.


  • 1 pack of turnovers (Baskets of flowers Turnovers Triangles by Moda) – 80 x 6 inch triangles
  • One yard and a half of cream fabric for the triangles and border (you could also get 1 pack of turnovers in white/cream if you want to make this quilt even easier). I used Moda Bella Snow
  • Cream cotton thread
  • Batting
  • 52 in x 47 in fabric for the back of the quilt


Cut 28 x 6 inch squares from the cream fabric and then cut the square into 2 triangles. You will obtain 56 x 6 in triangles.

Assemble white and print triangles

Stitch a total of  56 squares using the turnovers and the cream triangles.

Place a turnover over a cream triangle and stitch together along the long side right sides together.

Open and press.

Place the squares in rows of 7 squares as per picture below. You will have enough squares to complete 8 rows.

Stitch all rows together.


The quilt at this stage is 39 in  x 44.5 in.

Cut four 2.5 inch strips (two 39 in x 2.5 in strips and two 41.5 in x 2.5 in strips) of fabric in cream.

Note: Double check the width of the finished square made of turnovers before you cut your sashing as the width may vary slightly if the sewing is not very accurate.


After sashing the quilt measures about 47 in x 41.5 in.

With the 24 print turnovers left over, make 12 squares.

Place two turnovers with right side facing together, stitch along the long side.

Open square and press with seams open to avoid bulk.

Now cut the square across the diagonal.

Now repeat the same process again.

Place both triangles together with right side facing together. Stitch again along the long side.

Open and press with seams open to avoid bulk.

The resulting square is 5 inches square.

Assemble border as per picture and using 5 inch strips of fabric in cream.

Cut 10 x 5 in squares in cream/white.

Place squares alternating white and print squares as per picture with 4 print squares on the top and bottom row and 2 on the right and left sides.

When I made the quilt I forgot to measure the border properly. I suggest you stitch the 5 inch squares as per picture below and then measure the length of the required white border to finish each side.

Quilt as required. I usually stipple quilt.

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