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Sweet Christmas embroidery tray cover

Sweet Christmas embroidery tray cover tutorial

This is a tutorial for a pot holder or tray cover.


  • White linen fabric
  • Variegated embroidery floss for the lettering
  • Embroidery floss in pastel colours
  • Bias tape. Mine is homemade and is 1 7/8 in wide

Embroidery pattern

I used one of the 300 embroidery motifs in the last Aimee Ray’s last book: Doodle Stitching: The holiday motif collection. The words Sweet Christmas (pdf) are mine.
Embroidery stitch: stem stitch (watch video).

Measure your tray
All the measurements are for my tray. Yours will likely be different so you will have to measure it in the following way.
First measure the inside width and length.

The measurements of my tray are 12 1/4 x 16 1/4 inches for the base.

Cut a 13 in x 17 in rectangle from the linen fabric.

Trace the embroidery on the fabric.

Stitch using stem stitch and back stitch.

Trim the rectangle to the size of your tray base + 1/4 in.

Now cut the backing fabric using the embroidery piece as a measure and add 1 inch all around.

Use the backing piece to cut the batting roughly.

Pin the three pieces together and with the help of something round such as a bowl or a glass draw around each corner.

Quilt as desired. I used stipple quilting.

Then cut the round corners.

I made my own bias tape but you can use store bought bias tape. Make sure you measure all around your piece and cut enough tape to cover all sides plus 2 extra inches.

I will be stitching the bias tape by machine on both sides so I’ll start by pinning the bias tape on the backing side of the quilted piece.

You will need to use lots of pins for the corners.

Stitch all around and turn over.

Now pin the binding to the right side.

Use your machine to finish.


This binding method can look very neat.

Sweet Christmas embroidery tray cover tutorial

Sweet Christmas embroidery tray cover tutorial


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