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Binding a quilt by machine

Binding a quilt is always time consuming. First you need to make the bias tape and then you have to finish it by hand. So I thought I’d try something different.

I cut the backing fabric 2 1/2 inches bigger than the top all around.

Then, after quilting the top I trimmed the batting to just 1/2 from the quilt top edge (see photo).

Then I cut the backing fabric 1 1/2 inches from the top edge (see photo).

Then get the backing fabric and fold it in twice. The binding will be about 3/8 in wide. Pin and continue until you reach a corner.

At the corner fold the fabric as per photo, ensuring the fold is in line with the batting edge.

Then fold in once.

And then fold again to hide the raw edge. And so on until you complete the whole binding.

Then top stitch the binding and your binding is done in a fraction of the time traditional binding takes.




  1. Absolutely intelligent with an A+++! A superb idea and less waste as directions usually suggest the backing be wider than the top and batting anyhow. I like that I can do the top stitching and be sure the back looks perfect at the same time. I can never do that the other way and no longer try.
    This I’m going to try very soon.
    Thanks so much, from Oshawa, Ontario Canada


  2. LOVE this idea, so simple, yet so inventive! Thank you for sharing. I personally detest hand sewing and the crazy amount of time it takes to do the binding. I have used the faux pieced method before, but prefer this idea, so will give that a go on my next quilt. Many thanks!


  3. Just discovered your blog. Thanks for this amazingly simple easy to follow tutorial. I tried this type of binding on my first attempt at quilted potholders but the corners left a great deal to be desired so am very grateful to you for sharing your expertise.


  4. I just completed 6 placemats using this method! Wow this is a keeper! Thank you for sharing


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