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Embroidered fabric tea cozy tutorial

Embroidered fabric tea cozy tutorial

  • Half a yard of your favourite fabric
  • Matching lining fabric
  • Scraps for the top petals
  • Embroidery floss in matching colours
  • Batting
  • Teapot cozy pattern (pdf). The pattern is for a pot 11 ½ x 21 ½ (see below on how to measure your teapot)
Choose a fabric where the embroidery will show well. I chose the fabric below mostly because the white leaves were perfect to add the embroidery to.
I worked with 3 embroidery floss strands and used a variety of embroidery stitches to fill in the white leaves.

Detail of the embroidery.

Measuring your teapot

Measure your teapot around the widest part and add one extra inch:  21 and a half.

Now measure it around its height from side to side and add an extra inch: 11 and a half.

Divide both measurements by 2 and add 1 inch to each.

My teapot is 22 ½ around by 12 ½  high. Using these figures I made the teapot pattern (pdf). If this pattern doesn’t fit your teapot, which is quite likely, you can use the method I just explained to create your own pattern.

Cut panels

Using the pattern cut 2 pieces of the outside fabric and 2 of the lining fabric.

To cut, fold the fabric in half and place the pattern on the fold as per picture below. Cut around the pattern.

Add batting

Cut two rectangles of batting larger than the front panels and pin to the fabric.

Quilt and trim.

Making the top petals

Cut 3 4 inch squares.

Fold twice into a smaller square.

Now round the corners.

With a strong thread gather the fabric as per picture.

Do the same with each square and stitch them together as you go.

Sewing the panels together

Place one panel right side up, then place the petals in the middle facing the bottom of the panel.

Place the second panel with the wrong side up and pin in place.

Cutting the lining

Using the pattern cut 2 more panels for the lining. Pin in place.

Stitch around leaving a 3 inch opening at the top to turn the cozy inside out.

Pink the corners after stitching.

Adding the lining

Place the quilted side of the cozy inside the lining as per picture below. Align the edges well and pin in place.

Stitch all along the edge.

Turn inside out through the 3 inch hole in the lining.

Stitch the opening in the lining.

The lining will be slightly larger than the quilted cozy so it will overflow at the base. Use this bit of extra lining to add a small border as per picture. Just iron the extra lining and topstitch.

Top detail.

The teapot is finished.


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