acolchado disappearing nine patch free-motion

Back of disappearing nine patch quilt

Finished size  41 3/4 inch x 56 1/2 inch approximately.

Block type

Disappearing 9-patch block. This is how you make it:

Quilt top

Made with Hunky Dory for Moda charm squares.

Instructions to make the top: “Disappearing nine patch quilt tutorial”.

Back of quilt

The back of the quilt uses

  • fabric scraps for the squares: 15 x 2.5 inch squares
  • sashing for the squares is cut at 1.5 inch wide
  • The yellow and light green fabric is from the Lulu Collection by Anna Griffin
    • cut one 16.5 inch x 41 3/4 inch rectangle
    • cut one 5 3/4 inch x 41 3/4 rectangle
  • The light blue and pale yellow fabric is Urban Garden by Erin NcMorris
    • cut one 26 1/2 inch x 41 3/4 inch rectangle


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