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Quilted hot water bottle cozy

Another quilted hot water bottle cozy using a slightly different method (see old tutorial).


1 10′ x 16′ rectangle of material

1 10′ x 19′ rectangle for the back

Bias tape for the border

Enough fabric for the backing



Make a quilt sandwich with each rectangle and quilt them using any style you like.

Trim the quilted rectangles to the stated measurements above.

Place the hot water bottle on top of the shortest triangle and draw 1 inch around the corners and top on one side. Fold rectangle in two and cut around the marked lines.

Place the long

Place the long triangle on top of the other trimmed triangle, pin and cut the bottom part.

Cut the longest piece in two with the top part being about 4 longer than the bottom one. Pin on top of the trimmed side.

Cut around following the top trimmed side. Pin together and stitch around leaving a 1/4′ seam allowance.

Stitch the border in place.

Cozy back.


  1. Great idea – I have hot water bottle bags with fleece, with I don’t like because of the pilling, which looks really awful. So I will try my best, to realice your instruction. Thank you so much for sharing.


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