How to make a tote bag with charm squares

To make this bag you’ll need 24 charm squares (5″ squares) and some extra matching yardage for the exterior, batting and some fabric for the lining.

Learn to make this bag in 7 minutes

Note on straps

I’ve lately moved to using webbing for straps in my bags the reason being that the handmade straps I’ve used in the past wear a lot faster than the bag itself.

They’re inexpensive and you can get them in many colours.

More bag tutorials

If you’d like to explore other bag tutorials I’ve made over the years, here’s a roundup:

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All the tutorials are free.

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Patchwork tote bag video tutorial


  1. This is absolutely adorable. And the instructions are clear enough I will use them to teach my grandaughter to sew. She’s 9 and interested and this is easy, yet useful and practical. Thanks for sharing.


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