How to make miniature blocks the easy way

While it’s possible to piece tiny blocks the traditional way, I believe it’s a lot easier and the results are much better when piecing them using foundation paper piecing.

Usually I use regular foundation piecing as in sewing through the paper more the smallest sizes from 1″ to 2″ and for larger sizes I use freezer paper. The reason I do this is because at very small sizes sewing through paper is easier. Freezer paper is sticky but with very small pieces it’s less effective at sticking.

Try it!

You can download a couple of sample blocks for free and give it a go and then decide whether you want to buy the full set and/or the full Hearts and stars quilt pattern.

Buy the sets

What you need

Foundation paper piecing

Sewing through paper method

I used regular copy paper but you may find it to be a bit thick.

You can use special paper for foundation piecing if you prefer.

Freezer paper method

Freezer paper for printing. This is my favourite. No need to trace. Just put it in your printer and print to it. It’s so easy and accurate.

Freezer paper on a roll. You can use the roll for tracing and also for printing and of course for tracing. When printing, cut a piece the same size as the copy paper, press on to the copy paper and just print on the mat side of the freezer paper. Don’t press for too long or it may stick to the paper permanently. You can guess why I know this.


A follower recommended Add a quarter ruler, the yellow ruler in the video. I’ve been using for a few years now. If you do a lot of foundation it’s a must have.

How to make miniature blocks the easy way


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