Whirlpool quilt block video tutorial – Colour Fair Down Under QAL

Today we’re doing the fourth block for our  Colour Fair Down Under QAL: Whirlpool quilt block.

The block is made with half square triangles and it’s quick and easy to make.

Get the cutting instructions and other directions on page 8 of the pattern.

Assembling the blocks

The main things to bear in mind when assembling your blocks are:

  • Chain piece to speed up the process
  • When chain piece pay special attention to the seam intersections so they remain flat
  • Press towards the darker fabric. Press and lift, press and lift so that the pieces don’t stretch
  • To get perfect points pay attention to where the seams meet when sewing the patches together
  • Use swirling seams to avoid bulky seams

This video demonstrates the above points:

This other video shows how to do swirling seams on a nine patch block:

Trimming Half Square Triangles

This lesson is very relevant to this block.

Try both and pick your favourite method.

What next?

As Christmas is approaching, let’s finish the whirlpool blocks, and if you need to catch up with the past blocks, now is the time to do that.

In January we’ll resume and we’ll make the top and bottom borders on 7 January.

A note on borders:

A buyer very kindly spotted some details missing from the pattern on page 9. As it turns out the information was hidden behind the graphics and I didn’t realise before I uploaded it to Etsy. 

Point 7 and 8 are missing towards the end of the page after the illustration labelled “Top border” and “Bottom border” and before the border assembly illustration.

The missing text should read:

7. Cut the first top and bottom border in pink measuring 1 ½” x 60 ½”. And then the second border in pistachio measuring 2 ½” x 60 ½ .
8. Sew the 3 pieces together.

How to join the Colour Fair Down Under Quilt Along?

To be part of the quilt along:

  • Subscribe to this blog for free via email to receive all the posts with information about the blocks, tips and tricks.
  • Purchase the pattern.

Have a close look at the project with this promo video:


We will start making blocks on Saturday 30 October 2021 and finish them by Christmas.

Then we’ll resume on 8 January 2022 and make the borders.

And finally we’ll finish the quilt with QAYG and be ready to show your finished quilts at the end of January.

22 October – QAL fabric inspiration (bonus video)

23 October – How to trim half square triangles (bonus video)

30 October – 8-pointed star block (bonus video)

  • 13 November – Diamond block (bonus video)
  • 27 November – Cross block (bonus video)
  • 4 December – Whirlpool block (bonus video)

We’ll break for Christmas from 5 December to 7 January. This will allow you to catch up with any sewing you may have missed.

  • 7 January – Top and bottom borders
  • 22 January – Quilt-as-you-go (bonus video)
  • 29 January – Binding

Colour Fair Down Under quilt along

Share your progress

Let’s share our blocks to encourage each other:

  • On Instagram please tag me with @teresadownunder and hashtag #colourfairdownunderqal
  • Join my Facebook group and post your pictures there
  • You can also show your pictures on my QAL Event page on Facebook
Whirlpool quilt block video tutorial

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