Square peg in a round hole

Make circles with 2 different techniques

Circles are a bit intimidating to a lot of quilters.

I admit I was a bit intimidated myself until I came across these 2 techniques to make circles.

I personally prefer the technique that uses freezer paper but both produce good results.

Learn how to sew circles 2 ways


Put your skills to work with this baby quilt.


Square peg in a round hole quilt pattern

This quilt pattern is for a small quilt: 40″ x 58″. This quilt is easily scalable to a larger size.

Finished block: 4 1/2″ x 4 1/2″.

Skill level: confident beginner / intermediate.

Included in the 5 page pattern:

  • fabric needs
  • circle and square templates
  • sewing directions presented in a condensed way
  • colouring page

The pattern contains various links to techniques used in the pattern. An internet connection is required.

My book Turnabout Patchwork

“Turnabout Patchwork. Simple quilts with a twist” is all about playing with blocks – making a block, slicing it up, and turning or repositioning the pieces to make a completely different block (sometimes two smaller blocks) to yield endless quilt tops.

See all the quilts in the book in a real life project

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2 thoughts on “Make circles with 2 different techniques”

  1. Geez Teresa, that was so good!!…wish I could make those circles as quick as you did!..hahah. I can’t keep up with you, but who’s complaining?…..not me! Cheers, be good and stay safe, Elizabeth


  2. Thank you for sharing your wonderful tutorials on creating these circles! I am in the process of creating some placemats for a daughter and after watching your video, I know I want to do something with some circles. Have a great day!


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